Risk Factors for Acute Postoperative Sort Throat (POST) After Supraglottic Device Use [post]

Yanzhe Huang, Kaizheng Chen, Xia Shen
2021 unpublished
Background. To identify risk factors for acute postoperative sort throat (POST) after general anesthesia using a supraglottic airway device (SAD) in adults undergoing elective tympanoplasty.Methods. The medical records of 1424 adults who underwent elective tympanoplasty under general anesthesia using an SAD were reviewed retrospectively. Patients received one of four SADs at the discretion of the anesthesiologists: flexible reinforced LMA (FLMA), Ambu AuraFlex FLMA, or two local brand devices
more » ... uoren FLMA or Tuoren Esophageal Drainage LMA). POST upon discharge from the postanesthesia care unit (PACU) was measured using a visual analog sale (VAS) and categorized as no pain, mild pain, and moderate to severe pain. Data regarding potential risk factors for POST were collected from the medical records. Results. The mean patient age was 43.24 years; 622 patients were male and 802 were female. The overall incidence of POST during the PACU stay was 38.1%. Female sex, certain types of SAD, higher intracuff pressure, and longer duration of surgery were independent risk factors for POST on multivariate logistic regression analysis. Compared to FLMA, both the Tuoren FLMA and the Tuoren Esophageal Drainage LMA were risk factors for POST. The Tuoren Esophageal Drainage LMA was the strongest independent risk factor for moderate to severe POST.Conclusions. Use of local brand SADs contributed to the development of POST after elective tympanoplasty under general anesthesia. The Tuoren Esophageal Drainage LMA was the strongest predictor of moderate to severe POST.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-153086/v1 fatcat:k4z7mwsza5hxpg3nkrgoo2wlnu