Place Engine: A Dynamic Model of Integrated Human-oriented GIS and Urban Media

Sun-Young Jang, Yoon Choe, Sung-Ah Kim
2015 Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences  
Urban media is widely used to provide citizens with public information, commercial ad, entertainment content, and pure artistic expression in some cases. However, as most of current urban media projects have been usually implemented without understanding human activities and spatial context, they do not reflect humanities-related context of the city. A place is woven with human activities, emotions, and its social context together, thus urban media should be implemented by reflecting the
more » ... y of the place. Furthermore, as the paradigm changes from the possession to the sharing, shared memory, knowledge, and experience are now recognized as important social capital. The basic assumption is that sharing of place experience can be a key element to construct the sense of place. Such sharing possesses important value as it may enhance the social amenity among the citizens. This research aims to propose a systematic framework where urban media plays a critical role in creating the sense of place. The urban media interacts with people through sharing experience, knowledge, and memory of the place within the framework. To realize augmented place, the Place Engine system is proposed as a key component of the framework. The logic structure of Place Engine is constructed by using ontology rules. Lastly, the possibilities as an educational application are presented by providing 'Digital Palimpsest' which can generate multi-faceted contents through the Place Engine. Moreover, a method of contents configuration and delivery is presented by applying proposed 'Digital Palimpsest' in a real example, a traditional teahouse Gui-Cheon 'Back to Heaven.'
doi:10.1016/j.sbspro.2015.01.999 fatcat:ozdjrmcntjcotiwp2k2s2norhm