Identification of the Exponential Function Type Nonlinear Voigt Model for Sports Surfaces by Using a Multi-Intensity Impact Test

Kazutoshi KOBAYASHI, Harutoshi YUKAWA
2011 Journal of System Design and Dynamics  
The purpose of this study is to propose a nonlinear viscoelastic model for sports surfaces and an identification method of this model. Although various models have been proposed to represent the behavior of rubber materials, some models represent only the material's elastic behavior, while other models deal with viscoelastic behavior but have problems in the computer simulation of that behavior. The model proposed in this study can represent viscoelastic behavior well and also has stability of
more » ... o has stability of computer simulation. In the identification methods, four types of drop weights, which have different mass and damping material for producing a wide range of impact durations and impact intensities, are used for impact tests. The impact force, velocity and deformation are measured in each impact test, the parameters of the elastic element of the model are calculated by the least squares method and then the parameters of the viscous element of the model are calculated from the experimental force and the estimated force produced by the elastic element. The model proposed in this study has high identification accuracy and stability of simulation compared to previous models.
doi:10.1299/jsdd.5.1326 fatcat:buqgr5xjt5hm7dxhitjruzoaqq