BuchneraBASE: a post-genomic resource for Buchnera sp. APS

M. D. Prickett, M. Page, A. E. Douglas, G. H. Thomas
2006 Bioinformatics  
BuchneraBASE is a bioinformatic research tool for the genome of the symbiotic bacterium Buchnera sp. APS that includes an improved genome annotation, comparative information about related insect symbiont genomes and a complete mapping of metabolic reactions to an Escherichia coli in silico model. The database is designed to accommodate genome-wide post-genomic datasets that are becoming available for this organism. Availability: BuchneraBASE is available at http://www.buchnera.org/ Contact: ght2@york.ac.uk
doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btk024 pmid:16397006 fatcat:42atory6obgqbgarn2hyz7754i