Laboratory Study on Optimization of Oil-Soluble Cement Material

Huaigang Fu
2014 Advances in Petroleum Exploration and Development   unpublished
A new cement slurry system with strong selective permeability to oil and water, namely oil-soluble cement system, was introduced. It is composed of three kinds of basic agents including pore-enhancing grains, pore-connecting agent and phase-permeability enhancing agent. The pore enhancing grains-ZKJ-1, which can broaden the pore significantly was obtained from many natural oil soluble organics. In order to further interconnect the cement stones' pores and enhance the selective permeability to
more » ... l and water, the YRJ was selected as the connecting agent and phase-permeability enhancing agent. Combined with three other agents, the cement slurry has a good selective permeability to water and oil and high strength.