Enhanced Scratch Performance of Plasma Sprayed Hydroxyapatite Composite Coatings Reinforced with BN Nanoplatelets

Yao Chen, Jia Ren, Weiwei Liu, Dong Zhao
2020 Coatings  
In recent years, research on hydroxyapatite (HA) coatings has been driven by the demands of clinical applications. However, the intrinsic brittleness of HA limits its potential in the use for the load-bearing implant. To improve mechanical properties of the HA coating itself, a HA composite coating reinforced with hexagonal boron nitride nanoplatelets (BNNP) was fabricated using plasma spray, and its scratch behavior was investigated in this research. Typical brittle fractures such as
more » ... s such as microcracks both in and beyond the residual groove and material chipping were observed in the HA coating, while stronger and tougher BNNP/HA coatings exhibited a dominant role in protecting them from scratch damage through resisting plastic deformation and brittle microfracturing. Moreover, easier grain sliding within a splat and splat sliding at the splat boundaries due to the presence of BNNPs, and the nature porosity at different length scales of the as-sprayed HA composite coatings would provide significant self-lubricating effects to reduce the lateral force during scratching and alleviate the contact damage. Therefore, the addition of BNNPs renders HA coating with low scratch friction and enhanced tolerance to surface damage, which is naturally beneficial for the long-term durability and reliability of the implants.
doi:10.3390/coatings10070652 fatcat:6grvej3jsvg53a7ibtsc4vcjia