Persisters of Escherichia coli [thesis]

Samantha Nicolau
First, I would like to thank my advisor, Kim Lewis, for accepting me into his lab. I came to Northeastern with no background in microbiology and now I am finishing my PhD work with an immense amount of microbiology knowledge and hands-on experience. I have learned so much from this opportunity and have met many amazing people throughout my time in Kim's lab. I would also like to thank my committee members: Veronica Godoy, Eddie Geisinger, Win Chai and Jane Lopilato for their advice. Their
more » ... ce has shaped this project and I have learned so much throughout our discussions. Second, I would like to thank all former and current Lewis lab members for always making the lab a fun and exciting place to work and for always teaching me new things. I would especially like to thank the persister group, AKA the persister sisters, both past and present: Brian Colon,
doi:10.17760/d20423509 fatcat:wfv73ymdvjd37n4n2rosjhzdbm