Themes in Elizabeth Bowen's Short Stories

Edward Mitchell
1966 Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction  
The current spate of migrations of Nigerians to other parts of the world such as Europe, the United States of America and South Africa has been of concern to many. Of recent, several migrants and those who have close insight into migrant experiences have been writing of migrants lives in diverse forms of literature. These writings have provided insight into Nigerian migration issues. The article uses postcolonial theory in studying critical themes in some Nigeria diaspora short stories in order
more » ... to understand issues surrounding migrant life both abroad and at home in Nigeria. The article identifies about four critical themes that are common to most diaspora short stories such as reasons that prompt migration, perception versus reality of overseas countries, sexual issues of migrants, and racism faced by migrants abroad. The article finds that experiences migrants go through brings them to a point of recognition of the harsh realities of life in foreign countries. These conditions force them to become nostalgic of home, resilient in their attitude to life, and sometimes to decide on returning home. The article suggests that migrants and governing authorities could do more to improve social conditions at home which in effect would go a long way in stemming the high tide of migration out of the country.
doi:10.1080/00111619.1966.10689870 fatcat:dqbe3carizat7pl6sfxwqa3zpi