Belting facts and figures

J.H. Cooper
1871 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
the question ; for so long as the laws which govern the universe are in force, that which was established at one period of' time will still remain a fact in all suceeedin~ ages, and no amount of controversy, or opinions of any set of men, advanced as a species of spe. eial advocacy, have the ~ower of setting it aside. The tr~Le ex/)e~se of an engine is the oriTb~a~ ];r~'ce, added to iZs ar~lcrl cost jb~" ~ab~lainctnce, c~pitagized s~F'at 21) ycag's' 7)urckase. The direct supply
doi:10.1016/s0016-0032(71)90367-x fatcat:ary2wyissfawbawpz4yj243ghq