Control of sugar beet pests at early season by seed treatment with insecticides

Kereši Tatjana, Sekulić Radosav R., Čačić Nikola J., Forgić Gordana Đ., Marić Vladimir R.
2006 Zbornik Matice Srpske za Prirodne Nauke  
In the period 2001-2004, experiments were conducted in the region of Bačka (northern Serbia) to assess the efficiency of insecticide treatment of sugar beet seeds in controlling soil pests (larvae of Elateridae family) and reducing the damage caused by beet weevil (Bothynoderes punctiventris G e r m) and flea beetle (Chaetocnema tibialis I l l i g). Several insecticides mostly systemic ones (carbofuran, thiamethoxam, fipronil, imidacloprid and clothianidin), and their combinations with
more » ... tions with pyrethroids in different doses were tested in field conditions. Stand density, percentages of plants damaged by B. punctiventris and C. tibialis, injury level and weight of juvenile plants served as parameters for evaluation of insecticide efficiency. Most of the insecticides applied to seeds provided a significantly better stand density compared with the untreated control. Because of their systemic action, imidacloprid, thiamethoxam and their mixtures with pyrethroids provided very good protection of juvenile plants from C. tibialis and in some cases from B. punctiventris.
doi:10.2298/zmspn0610195k doaj:69969637dea0420a99e78d360b614aea fatcat:oej3em4puvccdalyfuhhex3bma