Financial requirements and economic returns in pig production according to productivity

1977 Annales de Zootechnie  
The mean values obtained from samples of manure from fattening pigs were the following: -% dry matter: Ca = 4 ,8; Mg = i. 5 ; Na = 1 . 1 -ppm dry matter: Zn = i, i zo -Fe = 2 ,6 20 -Cu = 8 3 8 -Mn = 57 6. The results obtained in this study cannot be easily extrapolated to all types of manure. The kind of feeding greatly affects the variation in manure composition. However, for one and the same farm, the variations are small and determination of the dry matter leads to a good approximation of
more » ... approximation of the fertilizing value of the manure. For establishing a general !! manure plan " or for correcting errors committed in the feeding, an analysis of a sam.ple of manure from each farm is required.
doi:10.1051/animres:19770359 fatcat:woidtcifsfabjhvbtjvfcyapga