Effect of different bedding materials on the reproductive performance of mice

F.J. Potgieter, P.I. Wilke
1997 Journal of the South African Veterinary Association  
Vermiculite, pine shavings and unbleached eucalyptus pulp contact-bedding were compared using the number of litters and individuals born and weaned, mortality rates at different stages of the lactation period, and the weight increase of pups as evaluation indices for bedding quality. These bedding materials exerted different effects on the reproductive performance of the same mouse strain. The same is true for the effect of a specific bedding material on different mouse strains. These effects
more » ... ns. These effects are most pronounced during the first 4 days of life. As a whole, the results demonstrated that eucalyptus pulp was the better bedding type, followed by pine shavings and vermiculite. The latter material had a detri-mental effect on the mating success of AKR mice.
doi:10.4102/jsava.v68i1.858 fatcat:3spqv2qpizbhvemfwvwetvk5qm