Клинико-эпидемиологические особенности Астраханской риккетсиозной лихорадки

Х.М. Галимзянов, В.В. Василькова, Б.И. Кантемирова, И.О. Лунина
2018 №1(105) (2019)  
Astrakhan rickettsial fever (ARL) is an acute transmissible natural focal infectious disease, registered in the territory of the Astrakhan region and a number of regions of the Russian Federation, transmitted through the bite of the tick of P.pumilio. Every year, the territorial bodies of Rospotrebnadzor carry out monitoring of vectorborne diseases, including ARL. Over the past several years, the distribution of the P.Pumilio vector from wild animals to domestic has been noted, which
more » ... d, which contributes to the expansion of the carrier's range and supports the high incidence of ARL in the Astrakhan region (AO). Currently, hyperendemic areas are being allocated – the historically hyperendemic Krasnoyarsk region, the city of Astrakhan, in recent years – the Kharabalinsky district; with an average level – Privolzhsky and Narimanovsky areas; with a low level – all other administrative-territorial formations of the region. In addition, there is a marked increase in clinical symptoms, and deaths are fixed. All this dictates the need to improve the surveillance of the ARL.
doi:10.25732/pm.2019.105.1.003 fatcat:mxq7coidznfkdmhq5m4w3bg6k4