1879 The Lancet  
354 straightened, antiseptic dressings were used and the long splint applied. Eight days later there had been no rise in temperature since the operation. The splint was removed, fresh dressings applied, and the limb encased in plaster-of-Paris. On Oct. 19th, assisted by Dr. Lyon, Mr. Renton operated on the left limb, treating it the same as the right, with the addition that the fibula was broken and the tendon of the biceps divided. Dressings and splints were used as before, and on Oct. 29th
more » ... and on Oct. 29th plaster-of-Paris was applied. Dec. Ist.-On removing the dressings the bones in both limbs were found perfectly firm, and the small wounds were healed. 28th.-Patient was able to walk, having gained two inches in height by the operation, and there being only four inches between the heels when the boy was lying comfortably on his back. CASE 2. Double Talipes Equino-varus.-R. A-, aged six months, was admitted December 5th, 1878. On Dec. 7th, assisted by Dr. Beatson, Mr. Renton divided the tendo Achillis in each foot, and then, adopting the method of Dr. George Buchanan, he divided the whole of the structures in each sole subcutaneously, which immediately relieved all distorting causes. Two days after the operation Dr. Heron Watson's tin splints were applied posteriorly, and the case progressed favourably.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(02)47759-8 fatcat:kggmm2k4mjbtxity64cg3vaxo4