The Assessment Culture In Romanian School - Between Innovation And Tradition

Mihaela Voinea
2017 unpublished
School assessment is still a hot topic in education, because the evaluation of students' competences is a process with a major social impact (especially on the labour market).In the digitalized world, school evaluation must be rethought in a new way: to become an innovative, personalized and pragmatic assessment.This article is focused on the study of the assessment culture in the Romanian schoolteachers' and students' beliefs about school assessment, values and behaviours regarding school
more » ... sment. The theoretical premises of the research are to be found in the studies and theories of school assessment and in the model of the national culture -Hofstede. Are teachers prepared to implement a new culture of assessment? Can students, parents, managers and social community adopt a new mentality of school assessment?In this case, the key factor are the teachers who are the agents of change in behaviours, attitudes and values of school assessment, according to the new social and economic trends.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2017.05.02.74 fatcat:7yngy4aqqbhgldvrblbfxjgkei