A Case of Fracture of the maxilla

Yoshihiko Otsubo, Motohiko Kawano
1959 Jibi to Rinsho  
The authors report a case of horizontal fracture of the maxilla. The Patlent, a man aged 19, complained of the subsidence and abnormal mobility of Proc. alveolares, after a desk had fallen on his face. The roentgenogram and the cast model showed that the fracture accompanied bone disconnection at the sutura palatins and the premoler. The fossa callina was revealed, the fracture was ascertained and replaced. The disconnected bone was fixated with a steel-wire driven in the maxilla. Following
more » ... 's bandage, the authors tentatively made a tractive fixing apParatus and applied it to the patient,s palate. 2weeks after the operation, the tractive fixing apParatus was unfastened, and 3 weeks after, the steel-wire was drawn out from the fossa canina, and 26days after, the patient recovered his occlusion and could chew and talk freely without discomfort and left the hospital. The authors considered the exterllal force which caused the fracsture and concluded that it was directed from left antero-superior toward right postero-inferior.
doi:10.11334/jibi1954.5.4_237 fatcat:liykvnjb4vbhnosihapyuucsjm