A Case Study of the Fetal Skeleton from a Joseon Period Cemetery

Eun Jin Woo, Chae Lin Jeon
2019 Anatomy & Biological Anthropology  
In this study, the case of the burial of a couple with their perinatal child in a cemetery from the Joseon period (Eunpyeong site) of South Korea was examined. In archaeological populations, high mortality rates of young females are often associated with problems related to pregnancy and childbirth. However, discoveries of pregnant women and fetal skeletons are very rare in archaeological research. Here, we report the case of a burial of a pregnant female and her perinatal child from a Joseon
more » ... riod cemetery site. The gestational age of fetus was estimated to be between 8.5 months and 9.5 months based on the cranial size and long bone length. The pregnant female under study appears to have died with fetal remains in utero. An examination of this case did not provide evidence that stress of obstetrical event was the direct cause of death. The rare case presented here makes a valuable contribution to the literature on pregnancy and obstetrical issues in past populations.
doi:10.11637/aba.2019.32.2.69 fatcat:w4jxk7gnkbbwxnvsqrmp64onl4