Antiferromagnetic phase of the gapless semiconductorV3Al

M. E. Jamer, B. A. Assaf, G. E. Sterbinsky, D. Arena, L. H. Lewis, A. A. Saúl, G. Radtke, D. Heiman
2015 Physical Review B  
Discovering new antiferromagnetic compounds is at the forefront of developing future spintronic devices without fringing magnetic fields. The antiferromagnetic gapless semiconducting D03 phase of V3Al was successfully synthesized via arc-melting and annealing. The antiferromagnetic properties were established through synchrotron measurements of the atom-specific magnetic moments, where the magnetic dichroism reveals large and oppositely-oriented moments on individual V atoms. Density functional
more » ... Density functional theory calculations confirmed the stability of a type G antiferromagnetism involving only two-third of the V atoms, while the remaining V atoms are nonmagnetic. Magnetization, x-ray diffraction and transport measurements also support the antiferromagnetism. This archetypal gapless semiconductor may be considered as a cornerstone for future spintronic devices containing antiferromagnetic elements.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.91.094409 fatcat:znze367babhdfmo4obpt5rmxzm