2017 Zenodo  
Information and communication technologies (ICT) are extremely influencing every discipline under the sun including Education. It is affecting every aspect of education from teaching learning to assessment and evaluation. It improves the effectiveness of education. It aids literacy movements. It enhances scope of education by facilitating mobile learning and inclusive education. It facilitates research and scholarly communication. Impact of ICT and its potential for the education field is
more » ... ld. It positively affects all the stakeholders of the education field. The current papers discuss the same along with the discussion of what factors which motivate and preventing in the use of ICT in educational field. In many countries, information and communication technology (ICT) has a lucid impact on the development of educational curriculum. This is the era of Information Communication Technology, so to perk up educational planning it is indispensable to implement the ICT in Education sector. Student can perform well throughout the usage of ICT. ICT helps the students to augment their knowledge skills as well as to improve their learning skills. For this purpose, I undertook study to know the impact of ICT on students' achievement and students' motivation. Based on the results of the study suggestions are given to educational institution and government.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4249562 fatcat:6w6uv6sifrakphtw54mainnd2q