Wilhelm von Humboldt on history and historical thinking
Вильгельм фон Гумбольдт об истории и историческом мышлении

Igor V. Makaryev
2020 Problems of Modern Education (Problemy Sovremennogo Obrazovaniya)  
The essay is an attempt to reconstruct Humboldt's approach to historical thinking and understanding of history. Several difficulties of understanding of Humboldt's philosophy in the Soviet und post-Soviet situation have been demonstrated. A new possibility to view Humboldt's philosophy within the framework of the Western philosophical tradition of the XX century and the concept of "event" has also been analyzed. Revolution in the philosophical thoughts conducted after Hegel by Schelling (in his
more » ... y Schelling (in his late period), Marx, Kierkegaard and German historical school is such an event, which could help to understand Humboldt's scientific-philosophical program. Humboldt's critique of Hegel's philosophy of history is analyzed.
doi:10.31862/2218-8711-2020-4-9-19 fatcat:wgjnmh6ygjgnvpwx7a45fa6xvq