Compression Trials with Vibrating Compaction Pressure

Hartmut Schemel, Christian Fürll, Thomas Hoffmann
2009 unpublished
Investigations about the infl uence of press force, press duration and vibration on the compression of wilted grass Wilted grass has to be compressed during the ensiling in bunker silos. An increasing number of farmers are using compactors with vibrating roller drums to achieve a higher compression effect. On the basis of a servo-hydraulic material testing system quasi static and vibrating compression cycles were carried out and compared with each other. The oscillating movement of the roller
more » ... ent of the roller drums cannot result in a higher compression performance which is observed in praxis. The observed increased compression performance is a result of the centrifugal force of the vibrating roller drums which can be several times higher than the weight of the vehicle. Abstract Landtechnik 64 (2009), no. 3, pp. 181-183, 4 fi gures, 6 references ■ Silage from corn and wilted grass are important basal feed for ruminants. The production of high grade silages requires thorough, logistic coordination of the processes of harvesting, transport and storage. Harvesting and loading respectively is carried out with forage choppers or self-loading wagons. In recent years, forage choppers and loading wagons have been substantially improved in capacity of performance. Transport vehicles have been improved likewise, now featuring higher loading volumes and speed [1]. Once arrived at the bunker silo, the ensilaged crops have to be stored, compressed, and covered with silo fi lm. Particularly the compressing process has become a performance bottleneck at this stage, since the available compressing vehicles have not been improved as much as harvesting systems and transport vehicles. In order to achieve the highest possible compression effect, an increasing number of farmers are using compactors with vibrating roller drums. Often those are compactors designed and commonly used in road construction. The roller drums vibrate with frequencies ranging between 29 and 50Hz [2; 3]. Taking wilted grass as test medium, the impact of the vibrating roller drums on the compression of ensilaged crops was examined.