Bipolar-type Dynamic Voltage Conditioner Using P-Leg and N-Leg Structured AC-AC Converter

Yue-yue LI, Dong-bo GUO, Yi-bo WANG, Yu MA, Han-wen ZHANG
2018 DEStech Transactions on Computer Science and Engineering  
The voltage fluctuation caused by the high proportion of residential photovoltaic (PV) grid-connected not only restricts the capacity of network to absorb renewable energy, but also seriously affects the normal operation of electrical equipment. Voltage problems in the low voltage distribution network with high proportion of residential PV are described and a novel bipolar-type dynamic voltage conditioner (B-DVC) is introduced to solve the voltage problem in this paper. The topology of the
more » ... adopts the positive current leg (P-Leg) and the negative current leg (N-Leg). By combining two separation inductors together, the voltage distortion caused by the traditional full-bridge two-way switch converter is overcome. Due to the use of the P-Leg and N-Leg structure, the B-DVC can be short-and open-circuited without damaging the switching devices. Neither lossy RC snubber nor a dedicated soft commutation strategy is required in the proposed B-DVC. Furthermore, B-DVC can not only output the voltage with the same polarity as the grid voltage, but also output the voltage opposite the polarity, which can ensure the stability of the power grid voltage and improve the capacity of grid to absorb renewable energy. A 10-kW prototype of single-phase B-DVC is developed, and its performance is experimentally verified.
doi:10.12783/dtcse/pcmm2018/23640 fatcat:korl6ugnfbehxbu5rlpsolcm64