A New CAM6+DART Reanalysis with Surface Forcing from CAM6 to Other CESM Models [post]

Kevin Raeder, Timothy J. Hoar, Mohamad El Gharamti, Benjamin K. Johnson, Nancy Collins, Jeffrey L. Anderson, Jeff Steward, Mick Coady
2021 unpublished
An ensemble Kalman filter reanalysis has been archived in the Research Data Archive at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. It used a CAM6 configuration of the Community Earth System Model (CESM), several million observations per day, and the Data Assimilation Research Testbed (DART). The data saved from this global, ∼ 1◦ resolution, 80 member ensemble span 2011-2019. They include ensembles of: sub-daily, real world, atmospheric forcing for use by all of the nonatmospheric models of
more » ... pheric models of CESM; weekly, CAM6, restart file sets; 6 hourly, prior hindcast estimates of the assimilated observations; 6 hourly, land model, plant growth variables, and 6 hourly, ensemble mean, gridded, atmospheric analyses. This data can be used for hindcast studies and data assimilation using component models of CESM; CAM6, CLM5, CICE5, POP2. MOM6, MOSART, and CISM; and non-CESM Earth system models. This large dataset (∼120 Tb) has a unique combination of a large ensemble, high frequency, and multiyear time span, which provides opportunities for robust statistical analysis and use as a machine learning training dataset.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-279375/v1 fatcat:uzcnvtgnyfdf5lxhqkmfanggwu