Bifunctional transition metal-based molecular catalysts for asymmetric syntheses

Takao Ikariya, Kunihiko Murata, Ryoji Noyori
2006 Organic and biomolecular chemistry  
The discovery and development of conceptually new chiral bifunctional molecular catalysts based on the metal/NH acid-base synergy effect are described. The chiral bifunctional molecular catalysis originally developed for asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of ketones is applicable in enantioselective hydrogenation of polar functionalities as well as practical oxidative reactions including aerobic oxidation of alcohols. The structural modification and electronic fine-tuning of the protic amine
more » ... he protic amine chelating ligands are crucial to develop unprecedented catalytic reactions. The present bifunctional transition metal-based molecular catalyst offers a great opportunity to open up new fundamentals for stereoselective molecular transformations.
doi:10.1039/b513564h pmid:16446796 fatcat:gfki2uchmfem7cxfugl3hxzfau