Electronic confinement in quantum dots of twisted bilayer graphene [article]

Xiao-Feng Zhou, Yi-Wen Liu, Hong-Yi Yan, Zhong-Qiu Fu, Haiwen Liu, Lin He
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Electronic properties of quantum dots (QDs) depend sensitively on their parent materials. Therefore, confined electronic states in graphene QDs (GQDs) of monolayer and Bernal-stacked bilayer graphene are quite different. Twisted bilayer graphene (TBG) is distinct from monolayer and Bernal-stacked bilayer graphene because of the new degree of freedom: twist angle. In the past few years, numerous efforts have been made to realize the GQDs of monolayer and Bernal-stacked bilayer graphene and
more » ... ed great success. Thus far, however, strategies for realizing GQDs of TBG have been elusive. Here, we demonstrate a general approach for fabricating stationary GQDs of TBG by introducing nanoscale p-n junctions with sharp boundaries in the TBG. We verify the confinement of low-energy massless Dirac fermions via whispering-gallery modes in the GQDs of TBG. Unexpectedly, electronic states around van Hove singularities of the TBG are also strongly modified around the GQDs. Such a feature has never been reported and is attributed to spatial variation of the interlayer coupling in the TBG induced by the GQDs.
arXiv:2110.10823v1 fatcat:4odebtplcncktecy656ynpjure