Case of Luation of the Lower End of the with Remarks

1833 American Journal of the Medical Sciences  
2A1 QUARTERLY FElllSCOrE. after a cautery, heated to a white heat, was applied to the bleeding parts of the wound; some hours after a small wick was introduced into the anus, and afterwards a cerate. lie could retain them but a very short time. During the dav he complained of transient colic pains, (diet, diluting drink, kc.) The nc\ day the colic pains were more violent and more prolonged, the verge of t!. anus was tumefied and painful, the patient felt difficulty in voiding urine, few: ish
more » ... urine, few: ish symptoms (bled in the arm, diluting drink, &c.) 'The third, fourth, hr and sixth days after the operation, the pains decreased, the urine was evacuated, and the feverish symptoms disappeared; the appetite returned, air! lie was allowed some aliments. The seventh day, as the patient had not bu r. at stool from the day of the operation, an ounce of castor oil was administer;.: to him, and some hours after the bowels were opened live or six stools occur;; during the day, they were all accompanied by great pain at the anus, neverthe¬ less, after each of them, the patient felt considerable relief. The following <Ly lie went freely and naturally to stool, the colic pains became less and less f:J. quent, but the twelfth day they returned with violence, and were followed v tliarrhira, the cause of which was unknown, (mucilaginous drinks, ice.) l i.. next day he was in the same state, (treacle one ounce.) The fourteenth d..v the diarrhoea ceased, and with it the colic pains, (rice gruel.) On the fiftr.-niii day the patient was qmlc well. He was allowed a moderate portion of for.,!, lie was radically cured of the hemorrhoids, and the anus remained free in \ih ever posture he placed himself; defecation caused no pain, and he quilted completely cured.
doi:10.1097/00000441-183305000-00041 fatcat:bt6gyl2zffaptlhr64ny7gpvwu