Say Reasons for Leaving

Virgilio Cesarone
The contribution aims to highlight the specificity and originality of the interpretation of Martin Heidegger's thought proposed over the years by Jean Greisch. A detailed and scrupulous reconstructive attention to the path taken by the philosopher from Meßkirch has been accompanied in Greisch's publications by a productive interpretation dedicated to the first Fribourg courses, where the interpretative focus is concentrated on the status of the vie facticielle, as the node around which the
more » ... Heidegger's philosophical interest revolved. The analytics of Dasein, its existential constitution juxtaposed to the categories of the subject and of the metaphysics of presence remain for Greisch the terrain on which to confront and question the problem of the transcendental. However, the interpretative tension does not turn into mere Heideggerian scholasticism, but tries to highlight problematic issues, one example for all that emerges with the figure of the last God.
doi:10.13125/ch/5201 fatcat:dwslo74bejdzvpszlaee7alp64