Compact Electron Injectors Using Laser Driven THz Cavities

Moein Fakhari, Ralph Aßmann, Ulrich Dorda, Arya Fallahi, Kostyantyn Galaydych, Franz Kärtner, Barbara Marchetti, Nicholas Matlis, Grygorii Vashchenko, Thomas Vinatier, Alireza Yahaghi, Dongfang Zhang (+6 others)
We present ultra-small electron injectors based on cascaded cavities excited by short multi-cycle THz signals. The designed structure is a 3.5 cell normal conducting cavity operating at 300 GHz. This cavity is able to generate pC electron bunches and accelerate them up to 250 keV using less than 1 mJ THz energy. Unlike conventional RF guns, the designed cavity operates in a transient state which, in combination with the high frequency of the driving field, makes it possible to apply
more » ... o apply accelerating gradients as high as 500 MV/m. Such high accelerating gradients are promising for the generation of high brightness electron beams with transverse emittances in the nm-rad range. The designed cavity can be used as the injector for a compact accelerator of low charge bunches.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ipac2017-mopik005 fatcat:a2lwg746x5g2fbvemvsgwt75xe