Интегративная дактилоскопическая технология

Балко Владимир Иванович
currently, the "fingerprinting process" carried out in criminalistics has been improved, including by increasing electronic fingerprinting information and its predominance over "paper" information. Objective: to consider this process more broadly - as a fingerprint digital technological cycle. Methodology: general scientific and special methods were used. Results: the author's position in systematization is argued and expanded in chronological order in 27 directions of the forensic
more » ... rensic (fingerprint) side of the proof process with technical, organizational, procedural, non-procedural and scientific components. Conclusions: 27 directions are combined and arranged in chronological order, starting from the 1st direction to the professional training of the future employee and ending with the 26-27 direction of active participation of employees and scientists in scientific, theoretical and practical research work with publications. These 27 directions are grouped into 10 stages, where the "main key points" are the following: inspection of the scene; fingerprint examination; electronic processing of fingerprint information. All this together and in sequence forms a fingerprint digital technological cycle. The author's definition of the fingerprint digital technological cycle is proposed.
doi:10.24412/2227-7315-2021-1-179-190 fatcat:ia67qip7pzhrfik6b27scytp6i