A New Catalytic Combustion-type Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor Employing Precious Metal-free CO Oxidizing Catalyst

Ayaka Hosoya, Shinji Tamura, Nobuhito Imanaka
2015 ISIJ International  
A new catalytic combustion-type CO gas sensor was devised by using the precious metal-free CO oxidizing catalyst of 15.9 wt% La0.87Co1.13O3-loaded Ce0.67Zr0.18Sn0.15O2.0. Since the 15.9 wt% La0.87Co1.13O3loaded Ce0.67Zr0.18Sn0.15O2.0 catalyst oxidizes CO completely at 130°C, the sensor showed smooth and reproducible response to CO gas at ca. 130°C. Moreover, the sensor exhibited a linear relationship between response and CO gas concentration, along with short 50% response time of 20-40 s.
doi:10.2355/isijinternational.isijint-2015-134 fatcat:mbznpvh7ijczjnxb6we2gxrqpm