A.S. Abd –Elnaby
2017 Menoufia Journal of Plant Production  
Two field experiments were carried out in 2013 and 2014 growing seasons to investigate the role of some foliar application (Elga 600) at 1/2 g/L , (boron) at 1cm /L, water , mixed from Elga 600 with boron and dry seed as a control and three date of planting ie 1 st august , 20 th august and 10 th September in adapting and improving sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) plants cv. Vidoc under saline conditions at the experimental station of desert research center Toshka Egypt. Two samples were taken
more » ... t 60 days after sowing and at harvesting time (90 days after sowing) . Application of 10 th September as a sowing date of sunflower plant showed significant increase in all growth parameters compared with the other sowing dates during both seasons. Yield and its components surpassed with sowing date at 10 th September. Applied foliar application with Elga (600) at 1/2 gm/L and (boron) at 1cm /L improve growth parameters, yield, yield components and nutritious value of sunflower plant as compared with control at growth and heading stages in 2012 and 2013 growing seasons. In the same direction Elga (600) at 1/2 gm/L and (boron) at 1cm /Las a foliar treatments may correct the metabolic disturbance under saline condition at experimental station 1nToshka Egypt which reflect on yield and its components. However, Elga (600) at 1/2 gm/L as a foliar treatment was better than(boron) at 1cm /L for improving the developmental traits and chemical composition .10 th September as a sowing date significantly decreased Na concentrations and increased K, K/Na, and P concentrations. Foliar applications of (Elga 600) at 1/2 gm/L or (boron) at 1cm /L, decreased Na concentration and increased K, Ca and P concentrations as well as K/Na ratio. All foliar applications significantly increased oil percentage and yield compared with the control. Regarding 10 th September as a sowing date and foliar application interactions all treatments enhanced the level of IAA and GA3.
doi:10.21608/mjppf.2017.176373 fatcat:uiwrd4ymlvgq3f7xa2wtdwmvji