A study on the Impact of environment and social media on small scale Business

Miss Shwetambra, Er Trimurti, Narayan Pandey, Er Singh, Er Phulwari
2018 unpublished
The main objective of this paper is to investigate the impact of social media and environment on small business entrepreneurs. It is also examined how small business owners are motivated to use social media applications. Social media completely transformed the way of businesses. Social media applications in the present time have become most efficient and effective tool for small business entrepreneurs and normally all small business use social media platform for the advertising and publicity of
more » ... ng and publicity of their products and services, they make fan pages for the followers and they warmly welcome the suggestions and opinions which help in improving their business. However, based on literature review I concluded that there is a positive impact of social media applications on small business entrepreneurs as well as they are highly motivated to use this platform. In small scale industries it is necessary to study about the different factors of environment are as follows: a) Economic factor b) Social factor c) Culture factor d)Technological factor e) Political factor f) Legal factor Natural environment factors which also impact on small business: Many business operations depend on the environment, as it can be the primary source of raw materials and can affect business processes. Companies around the world are integrating environmental interest with business and are becoming proactive in finding ways to reduce environmental impact. Environmental Regulations Regulating business activities is one way government agencies protect the environment. Businesses must meet certain standards that help to reduce any adverse effects a company's activities have on the environment. As a result, natural environmental factors, such as clean water and clean air, dictate how companies conduct their day-today operations