Jayashree Gotmare, Dr, S Prayagi
The photovoltaic cells will exhibit long-term degradation if the temperature exceeds a certain limit thereby decreasing the PV power in general and the efficiency of the said system in particular. This decrease is resulted first of all in dropping the open circuit cell voltage. The cell manufacturer generally specifies a temperature degradation coefficient & a maximum operating temperature for the cell. The cost of photovoltaic installation is mostly dependent on the PV array area. Therefore,
more » ... area. Therefore, in order to improve the cost effectiveness of the PV array power system, electric power generated by the PV array should be efficiently utilized. The purpose of this study is to improve the performance of a photovoltaic Panel by attaching a cooling system on the backside of the PV panel. The results are compared with Conventional systems. Experimental measurements for both with & without cooling system indicate that the Current developed by the photovoltaic panel with cooling system is higher as compared to the conventional panel. Also the power & the electrical efficiency of the combined system are higher than the traditional one. Index Terms: Photovoltaic panel, Stationary cooling, Conventional panel, Temperature senor etc. Nomenclature P i = Input Power in W I s = Solar radiation in W/m 2 A c = Effective module cell area in m 2 P o = Photovoltaic array output power in W V = D.C. output voltage in Voltage (V) I = D.C. output operating current in A E a = Panel efficiency