Impact Factor: 5.2 IJAR

Hema Patil, Somashekhar Ic, Hema Patil
2016 unpublished
Dry Chilli is one of the most valuable, largely grown and traded commercial crop all over India. Evaluation of Agribusiness supply chain performance of dry chilli depends on how best the different dimensions of cross functional drivers and logistic drivers are practiced. Farmers are one among the channel members of Agribusiness supply chain management. Information plays a vital role for a farmer. An effort was made in this research to bring out the importance of information and its different
more » ... nd its different dimensions, sought by the farmer to make an optimized decision for higher yield and profits in the supply chain. A descriptive research methodology using factor analysis was carried out to brings out the different dimensions of information in agribusiness supply chain management like, Government initiatives and role of horticulture department, frequency of seeking market information, sources of gathering market information, sources of information for crop diseases & to sell at high prices, sources of weather and market information, solution for crop disease and information of cold storage, gathering market information using mobile and land phones.