Activation of blood T-cells in HIV/HCV co-infected patients

Matsiyeuskaya Natallia V, Tsyrkunov Vladimir M
2013 Sanamed  
Expression of HLA-DR which is immune response activation marker on T-cells and their subpopulations (CD4+ and CD8+ lymphocytes) and number of CD4 /CD25 cells with immune suppression properties in blood of HIV/HCV coinfected patients depending on HIV viral load, AIDS and receiving of antiretroviral therapy were studied. It was detected that HLA-DR expression on T-cells was significantly higher in patients with detectable HIV viral load, AIDS, and in patients not receiving antiretroviral therapy.
more » ... Antiretroviral therapy leads to significant reduction of immune system activation markers expression, though it doesn't allow to reach the level of healthy individuals. Number of CD4+/CD25+ cells had inverse correlation with activated CD3+ and CD3+CD8+ lymphocytes and HIV viral load.
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