Development and Approbation of the Communicative Training Module during Foreign Language Classes at High Schools

Ekaterina Alekseeva, Olga Donetskaya, Elvira Galimova
2016 unpublished
The relevance of the subject is conditioned by the necessity of approach optimization concerning the design of educational programs in the system of continuing professional education, as well as by reasonable complementation of foreign language training programs at high schools by competent modules, such as specialized trainings, aimed at the development of foreign language competences in order to overcome the gap between general learning objectives and individual class goals. This article
more » ... . This article presents the main psycho-pedagogical and linguistic didactic approaches relevant for the development of training courses aimed at communicative competence development in oral speech. The empirical methods were the following ones conducted among students: the survey on the feasibility of training module introduction during foreign language lessons, the testing of «Reklamation, Beschwerde» class from the training developed by German language authors (the total number of subjects makes 15) and the analysis of conducted training session performance in the control and the test group of students. The following criteria were analyzed: the speed of speech, the number of used chunks, a speaker's communicative intention clarity, the confidence in this speech situation. The results of performed trainings and comparative survey data demonstrate the feasibility and the effectiveness of training technology implementation during foreign language lessons. The article is accompanied by the Annex, where a brief plan of the training session in German language is outlined concerning the subject "Reklamation, Beschwerde".