A fast variational framework for accurate solid-fluid coupling

Christopher Batty, Florence Bertails, Robert Bridson
2007 ACM SIGGRAPH 2007 papers on - SIGGRAPH '07  
Figure 1 : Left: A solid stirring smoke runs at interactive rates, two orders of magnitude faster than previously. Middle: Fully coupled rigid bodies of widely varying density, with flow visualized by marker particles. Right: Interactive manipulation of immersed rigid bodies. Abstract Physical simulation has emerged as a compelling animation technique, yet current approaches to coupling simulations of fluids and solids with irregular boundary geometry are inefficient or cannot handle some
more » ... nt scenarios robustly. We propose a new variational approach which allows robust and accurate solution on relatively coarse Cartesian grids, allowing possibly orders of magnitude faster simulation. By rephrasing the classical pressure projection step as a kinetic energy minimization, broadly similar to modern approaches to rigid body contact, we permit a robust coupling between fluid and arbitrary solid simulations that always gives a wellposed symmetric positive semi-definite linear system. We provide several examples of efficient fluid-solid interaction and rigid body coupling with sub-grid cell flow. In addition, we extend the framework with a new boundary condition for free-surface flow, allowing fluid to separate naturally from solids.
doi:10.1145/1275808.1276502 fatcat:xqxdoxu2qnferds2w3e2gufbkq