IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Communication and Fog/Edge Computing Toward Intelligent Connected Vehicles (ICVS)

Lei Shu, Junhui Zhao, Yi Gong, Changqing Luo, Tim Gordon
2021 IEEE Access  
Intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs) are usually expected to run a huge number of emerging smart applications (e.g., autonomous driving, safety early warning, natural language processing, etc.) for assisting both the drivers and passengers in vehicular environments. These kinds of applications typically require significant computing power to perform computation-intensive and latency-sensitive tasks generated by the vehicle sensors for low-latency response. However, the limited computation
more » ... ed computation capacity of on-board computers makes it difficult to satisfy the computation requirements of quality-of-experience (QoE)-demanding applications. To tackle the challenge, fog/edge computing is proposed as innovative computing paradigms to extend computing capacity to the network edge to meet the requirements. This Special Section in IEEE Access focuses on innovative technologies and solutions enabled communication and edge computing toward ICVs.
doi:10.1109/ACCESS.2021.3071260 doaj:3c15b73f232c41a199e81c178ee3a34d fatcat:c5xvpfeh3zf5fgyzkpzmdkw3jy