Reconfigurable computing for network function virtualization: A protocol independent switch

Qianqiao Chen, Vaibhawa Mishra, Georgios Zervas
2016 2016 International Conference on ReConFigurable Computing and FPGAs (ReConFig)  
Network function virtualization (NFV) aims to decouple software network applications from their hardware in order to reduce development and deployment costs for new services. To enable the deployment of diverse network services, a reconfigurable and high performance hardware platform can bring considerable benefits to NFV. In this paper, an FPGA-based platform is proposed to perform as a protocol reconfigurable NFV switch. Logic circuit of virtual network functions can be reconfigured at run
more » ... onfigured at run time on the proposed platform. A reconfiguration process is also proposed to enable packet loss free switch-over between virtual network functions that delivers undisrupted service. The platform can be reconfigured between Layer 1 circuit switch and Layer 2 Ethernet packet switch. Once running as a packet switch, the platform can switch over from Layer 2 Ethernet switch to Layer 3 IP parser and even Layer 4 UDP parser. Performance of the implemented 2x2 switch at 10Gbps per port delivers a minimum latency of 300 nanoseconds (circuit switch) and maximum latency of 1 microsecond. Reconfiguration between IP and UDP parser without loss of data is also demonstrated.
doi:10.1109/reconfig.2016.7857183 dblp:conf/reconfig/ChenMZ16 fatcat:4tfdsqoxxrd3rjyg5lgt6onzcu