How to Find Water in the Ocean: A Survey on Quantified Derandomization [article]

Roei Tell
2021 Electronic colloquium on computational complexity  
The focus of this survey is the question of quantied derandomization, which was introduced by Goldreich and Wigderson (2014): Does derandomization of probabilistic algorithms become easier if we only want to derandomize algorithms that err with extremely small probability? How small does this probability need to be in order for the problem's complexity to be affected? This question opens the door to studying natural relaxed versions of the derandomization problem, and allows us to construct
more » ... rithms that are more efficient than in the general case as well as to make gradual progress towards solving the general case. In the survey I describe the body of knowledge accumulated since the question's introduction, focusing on the following directions and results:
dblp:journals/eccc/Tell21 fatcat:dntqqo67ercrzjkog66xz4iyxu