Analytical Study of the Fire Resistance for Beams Consisting of Fire Resistant Steels with a Both Fixed Boundary Conditions
양단 고정단인 건축용 내화강재 적용 보부재의 해석적 내화성능 연구

In-Kyu Kwon
2016 Fire science and engineering  
요 약 건축용 내화강재가 적용된 양단 고정단 보부재의 고온 시 최대 내력과 처짐을 해석적으로 평가하였으며, 이 결과를 일 반강재 적용 정정 보부재와의 비교평가를 통하여 안전성을 평가한 결과, 건축용 내화강재 적용 부정정 보부재의 내화성 능을 일반 강재 정정 보부재로 평가되는 것은 안전측이었으며, 부재길이가 길어지면 처짐의 증대와 최대 내력의 감소가 유발되는 등 이에 대한 보완책이 요구되는 것으로 나타났다. ABSTRACT The fire resistance of a statistically indeterminate beam made of fire resistant steel was analyzed using the mechanical and thermal databases and compared with that of an indeterminate beam constructed of ordinary structural steel to not only determine the
more » ... y determine the fire resistance performance of a statistically indeterminate beam itself, but also to determine if it is stable to test the fire resistance performance with a determinate beam built with ordinary structural steel instead of an indeterminate beam made from fire resistant steels. The results showed that the fire resistance of an indeterminate beam consisting of fire resistant steels is better than that of a determinate beam made of SS 400 and if the length of the beam built with FR 490 is longer, the displacement of the beam is higher. In addition, the fire test with a determinate beam made of SS 400 is was more conservative than that of an indeterminate beam made of FR 490 in the range of the same length. Therefore, another measure should be considered if beams built with FR 490 are longer than thos of SS 400.
doi:10.7731/kifse.2016.30.5.082 fatcat:l7ndl77okna4rcuginn3pcbmuq