Modeling Abrasion Resistance of Concrete Floors

A. A. Ramezanianpour, A. Haghollahi, A. Pourkhorshidi
2006 Fanāvarī-i āmūzish  
Abrasion of industrial concrete floors is a major problem resulting in their lower service lives. Attempt has been made to relate the abrasion resistance of concrete to its compressive strength. However there are other factors which influence the abrasion resistance of concrete. In this study, several concrete mixtures containing different types of cements, aggregates, admixtures and additives such as silica fume and styrene butadiene rubber (S.B.R) polymer were made to assess their abrasion
more » ... istances. All concrete specimens were tested for wear action in accordance with ASTM and EN standard test methods. Based on data obtained from the tests, an empirical model was proposed to evaluate the abrasion resistance of different concretes. Results of this investigation show that the incorporation of silica fume, S.B.R polymer and granite aggregates in concrete improve its abrasion resistance. The proposed mathematical model is capable to predict the abrasion resistance of concrete and provide a guide for selection of materials to produce more durable concrete when subjected to wear action.
doi:10.22061/tej.2006.1235 doaj:4df6ff6519aa472b9f83961a5dcbc0ff fatcat:giqqpxkmcbc4pmjz3ake6hjl4q