Isovector and isoscalar spin-flip excitations in even-evens-dshell nuclei excited by inelastic proton scattering

G. M. Crawley, C. Djalali, N. Marty, M. Morlet, A. Willis, N. Anantaraman, B. A. Brown, A. Galonsky
1989 Physical Review C  
Forward-angle cross sections for 1+ states have been measured in ' Mg, Si, and S by 201 MeV proton inelastic scattering. Comparisons are made with (y, y'), (e, e'), and (p, n) results. The measured strength is compared with microscopic distorted-wave Born approximation calculations using large-scale shell-model wave functions. Ratios of experimental to theoretical 1 strengths are given. Almost no quenching is observed.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.39.311 pmid:9955204 fatcat:33x5ihpu6nd3plegcixtqtzfny