Social-cognitive conceptualization of attachment working models: Availability and accessibility effects

Mark W. Baldwin, John Patrick Richard Keelan, Beverley Fehr, Vicki Enns, et al
1996 Journal of Personality and Social Psychology  
Attachment working models were conceptualized from the perspective of current social-cognitive theory. In Studies l and 2, most people reported experience with multiple styles of relating; at the same time, the general attachment style they endorsed was related to (a) the percentage of their significant relationships fitting different attachment-style descriptions, (b) the ease with which they could generate exemplar relationships matching these descriptions, and (c) their interpersonal
more » ... ions in these relationships. In Study 3, priming different types of attachment experiences affected participants' attraction to potential dating partners who displayed particular attachment orientations. These findings suggest that most people possess relational schemas corresponding to a range of attachment orientations and that the relative availability and accessibility of this knowledge determine their thinking about relationships.
doi:10.1037//0022-3514.71.1.94 fatcat:ebk6ywjbjjdynker4se5uerfna