Aerobactin utilization by Neisseria gonorrhoeae and cloning of a genomic DNA fragment that complements Escherichia coli fhuB mutations

P F Sparling, S E West
Aerobactin, a dihydroxamate siderophore produced by many strains of enteric bacteria, stimulated the growth of Neisseria gonorrhoeae FA19 and F62 in iron-limiting medium. However, gonococci did not produce detectable amounts of aerobactin in the Escherichia coli LG1522 aerobactin bioassay. We probed gonococcal genomic DNA with the cloned E. coli aerobactin biosynthesis (iucABCD), aerobactin receptor (iutA), and hydroxamate utilization (fhuCDB) genes. Hybridization was detected with fhuB
more » ... s but not with the other genes under conditions which will detect 70% or greater homology. Similar results were obtained with 21 additional strains of gonococci by colony filter hybridization. A library of DNA from N. gonorrhoeae FA19 was constructed in the phasmid vector lambda SE4, and a clone was isolated that complemented the fhuB mutation in derivatives of E. coli BU736 and BN3307. These results suggest that fhuB is a conserved gene and may play a fundamental role in iron acquisition by N. gonorrhoeae.
doi:10.17615/z0z1-gt85 fatcat:vlfjw6ucuzhhdi6i372jiwzynm