Consent by GDPR vs. Blockchain

Bruno Moslavac
2020 Revista Acadêmica Escola Superior do Ministério Público do Ceará  
The role of consent in personal data protection today is probably the first question for researches on how it impacts in our daily lives, ordinarily or on-line. This paper uses comparative method analyzes seemingly opposed essential parts of consent due to lawfulness of personal data processing versus inclusion of same data in a chain using blockchain technology, with the hypothesis that freewill public announcement of personal data substitute explicit consent for their processing. Finally, the
more » ... author concludes that the principle of lawfulness stated by GDPR is not violated if the personal data processor using blockchain technology does not obtain consent for the processing of personal data, voluntarily put into the chain by another subject in the same "chain" and the "right to be forgotten" isn't absolute right.
doi:10.54275/raesmpce.v12i1.22 fatcat:upfaipp325bdxhvydugykdnmwm