Epidermal Differentiation in the Human External Auditory Meatus

P.P.C.A. Vennix, W. Kuijpers, T.A. Peters, E.L.G.M. Tonnaer, F.C.S. Ramaekers
1996 The Laryngoscope  
The differentiation of epiderm is in the various parts of the human ear canal w as docum ented on the basis of cytokeratin (Ck) expression patterns. Immunohistochem istry was perform ed on cryostat sec tions of normal m eatal skin u sin g a com prehensive panel o f m onospecific Ck antibodies representing the main lines of epithelial differentiation. The epiderm is o f the cartilaginous part show ed a Ck profile characteristic of norm al skin type differen tiation. The deep m eatal skin,
more » ... ng the tympanic membrane, show ed a peculiar type of differentiation: in addition to epiderm al Cks, hyperproliferationassociated Cks 6,16, and 17 w ere expressed in the suprabasal cells, w hile the sim ple ep ith elial cell marker Ck 19 was found in the basal cells. The presence of hyperproliferative Cks in the deep m eatal skin could only partly be related to areas of proliferative activity. K eratinocytes, w hich ex press markers of hyperproliferation, are migratory. Therefore, their presence in the m eatal skin is likely to be related to the peculiar pattern o f keratinocyte migration, the purpose of w hich is to keep the m eatus free from desquam ation products.
doi:10.1097/00005537-199604000-00014 pmid:8614223 fatcat:zcacf4mrtfhs7hvdwpkqbh3nve