The Development of Transnational Policing [book]

John L.M. McDaniel, Karlie E. Stonard, David J. Cox
2019 unpublished
The EU has tightened its definition of terrorism, yet gaps still remain. The nexus between public (national security and law enforcement) services and private commercial operators needs further examination. This contribution proposes a global nodal governance of security, focusing on this public/private security nexus. This should be developed through the use of reflexive law-based mechanisms, supported by and working with traditional criminal law, to comply with the principle of legality. This
more » ... would enable state security and law enforcement to benefit from the expertise and knowledge based in financial and technology commercial operators for the benefit of terrorism prevention.
doi:10.4324/9781351039543 fatcat:wru644pvdnhsvojvwrcw5h5dki