Narrative sources on the events of the Great patriotic war in the Kuban

Ju. G. Bich, T. A. Samsonenko, E. L. Mishustina
2020 Научный вестник Южного института менеджмента  
This article presents the results of studies on the daily history of the Soviet period of our state during the difficult times of World War II. The work considers the southern region of the USSR, the territory of the Krasnodar Territory (the city of Krasnodar and the village of Pavlovskaya.) Some local families left the Kuban at the beginning of the war and left, for example, to evacuate. Others were forced to stay, during the occupation of the region and its capital by the Nazi troops in
more » ... azi troops in 1942-1943 they were in the Kuban, in Krasnodar. This article is based on both previously unpublished memoirs of city residents collected by the authors (memoirs by Razinskaya S.A., Zhigir E.G., Morozova E.V., Yesayan M.A.) and published as personal memoirs and diaries (Khudoley I.I., Chalenko K.N.). For the first time, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Victory of our country in World War II, an attempt was made to put into scientific circulation these materials, telling about the pre-occupation period of the Territory and the city of Krasnodar, as well as directly the time of the occupation of the southern region by fascist invaders. It is concluded that the stories of ordinary people – eyewitnesses to important historical events, the so-called narrative sources (oral and recorded memoirs, letters, diaries and school essays) provide historians with invaluable material to restore the picture of everyday life of the military historical era.There is no conflict of interests.
doi:10.31775/2305-3100-2020-1-88-93 fatcat:2la7yopdhraarnkzz6clkyenve