A hybrid procedural/deductive executive for autonomous spacecraft

Barney Pell, Edward B. Gamble, Erann Gat, Ron Keesing, James Kurien, William Millar, P. Pandurang Nayak, Christian Plaunt, Brian C. Williams
1998 Proceedings of the second international conference on Autonomous agents - AGENTS '98  
The New Millennium Remote Agent NMRA will be the rst AI system to control an actual spacecraft. The spacecraft domain places a strong premium on autonomy and requires dynamic recoveries and robust concurrent execution, all in the presence of tight real-time deadlines, changing goals, scarce resource constraints, and a wide variety of possible failures. To a c hieve this level of execution robustness, we h a v e i n tegrated a procedural executive based on generic procedures with a deductive
more » ... l-based executive. A procedural executive provides sophisticated control constructs such a s loops, parallel activity, locks, and synchronization which are used for robust schedule execution, hierarchical task decomposition, and routine con guration management. A deductive executive provides algorithms for sophisticated state inference and optimal failure recovery planning. The integrated executive enables designers to code knowledge via a combination of procedures and declarative models, yielding a rich modeling capability suitable to the challenges of real spacecraft control. The interface between the two executives ensures both that recovery sequences are smoothly merged into high-level schedule execution and that a high degree of reactivity is retained to e ectively handle additional failures during recovery.
doi:10.1145/280765.280863 dblp:conf/agents/PellGGKKMNPW98 fatcat:6tnhpvyszvfe5oud4eufpzcf3m